Marcia Lazar
Founder & Managing Director at ZEDONK

Since its inception in 2007, Zedonk has fast become the fashion industry’s leading online business management software for emerging to established brands. Founded by Marcia Lazar, the London based fashion-tech company streamlines Sales, Production and Logistics. In the 90’s, whilst running the operations of the label ‘Science London’, she became frustrated with the lack of innovative systems dedicated to helping SMEs. Seeing first-hand the challenges brands face, she decided, at the age of 50, to reinvent herself and invest her expertise to create the affordable one-stop-solution. Thanks to her entrepreneurial spirit, Zedonk has grown alongside its clients, providing them with a clear overview across their entire business operations, from profit transparency to raw material consumption. As one of the few successful women in fashion technology, Marcia has empowered over 700 brands across 39 countries to work in a more efficient and sustainable way.

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