Bert van Son
Founder and CEO of MUD Jeans

Bert van Son is founder and CEO of MUD Jeans, a fast growing sustainable jeans company from the Netherlands. The company allows customers to shop guilt free and do good for the environment, while looking fashionable and modern. As a 23 year old he moved to China his 30 years experience in the fashion industry has made Bert van Son see the impact fast fashion has on the environment and made him believe that there is an alternative way. In 2012 he started the idea “Lease A Jeans”, a concept that makes it possible for customers to use jeans and give them back after use. From ownership to performance. Allowing customers to regularly renew their wardrobe, while MUD Jeans makes sure the materials will be recycled after use. Bert van Son knows about the challenges in today’s (fast) fashion industry and how he and his team try to implement the circle economy in the fashion industry.

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